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Top Tips: Core HR Policies All Employers Should Have in Writing

Employee handbooks often include a wide variety of HR policies. From a legal perspective, however, the following policies are considered “core” policies, and it is a “best practice” for an employer to have them. In some cases, they are required by applicable federal and/or state law.

  1. At Will Employment and Contract Disclaimer
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity (Non-Discrimination)
  3. Disability Accommodation
  4. Harassment
  5. Paid Time Off Benefits (Sick Days, Vacation, PTO)
  6. Attendance and Leaves of Absence
  7. Substance Abuse (Drugs and Alcohol)
  8. Use of Electronic Systems and Devices
  9. Social Media
  10. Employee Conduct and Discipline

If you have any questions or need assistance drafting or revising HR Policies, please contact Sue Willman.