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Top Tips: Achieving a Better Workplace through Education and Training

Supervisors are on the front line when it comes to maintaining positive employee relations in the workplace. Their actions immediately and directly impact the employees’ work environments, and they are the first to become aware of workplace issues. Follow these Top Tips to ensure a workforce of well-trained, effective supervisors:

  • Provide formal training. Too often, employees are promoted into a supervisory role without any training on how to manage others. New supervisors should attend a formal training session immediately after being hired into a supervisory position, covering topics such as performance evaluations, discipline, managing difficult employees and dealing with co-worker conflict.
  • Supervisors should be educated about the company’s policies and procedures and instructed on key employment laws. Periodically, supervisors should attend refresher courses to stay up to date.
  • Human resources should meet one on one with new supervisors when they come onboard to explain the role of human resources, to answer specific questions about the company, and to point the supervisor in the direction of key resources within the organization. Help connect supervisors to a mentor so they know where to turn with questions.
  • Coach supervisors through the process of implementing a new policy or changing the way a current policy is enforced. It is critical for a supervisor to communicate such changes effectively and properly. Where appropriate, distribute talking points to supervisors to help them address questions.