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The Banning of Prevailing Wage in Kansas

On Tuesday, the State of Kansas put the final nail in the coffin for prevailing wage requirements on public projects. Kansas has not had a state-wide prevailing wage requirement for public projects since 1987, but individual localities could require prevailing wage if they thought it was good public policy. That all changed this week with the passage of House Bill 2029, which bans a political subdivision from requiring the payment of prevailing wage on public projects.

How will this influence the political subdivisions in Kansas? Currently, only Wyandotte County has a prevailing wage requirement, so the law will probably not affect the majority of the state. I guess the real question is whether or not union shops will be able to compete for public projects in Wyandotte County after the passage of the bill.

The ban on prevailing wage will take effect on July 1, 2013, when Governor Sam Brownback signs it into law.