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Preventing Construction Job Completion Issues During Inclement Weather

The recent snow storms in the Midwest and the possibility of ongoing weather interruptions this week have many business owners facing issues such as lost productivity and client service interruption. Most business owners should be wondering: “Is there anything I do to prevent lost productivity and potential job completion problems?” Here at MidwestConstructionLaw.com, we’ve come up with a few tips for providing outstanding service to construction projects/ clients during inclement weather.

Contracts. Review open contracts to determine if extensions of time to complete the project are available. You may also want to see if your contracts have liquidated damages or delay timelines that can be passed on to your company. If so, you may want to immediately challenge by resort to force majeure provisions in your contracts.

Jobsite Issues. Determine if there have been damages to any jobsite. This includes corrupted material, collapsed roof/ structure, lack of access to a jobsite, or delay caused by trades that might be compensable under existing policies of insurance. You should also ascertain whether there could be on-going complications in accessing the jobsite. In that case, notice needs to be given to the owners.

Communication. Consider issuing information to employees (via email or telephone) about expectations for the job and determining whether you will be short staffed

Current/Future Project Bids. Assess whether the storm has caused you to rethink upcoming projects bids, and whether the same should be taken on at this point. Revisit whether the owner or contractor will have the resources, staff and time to re-mobilize to the job during inclement weather.

Try to mandate whether additional precautions should be taken with the colder than expected winter conditions. Be safe out there!