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Demolition crew accidentally destroys 18th century French Chateau. Do you think there is any insurance coverage?

I have been thinking about dedicating a portion of Midwest Construction Law Blog to the Construction Hall of Shame. Look for this in the future but I think we may have its first entry with this story out of France. Apparently, a Russian business man hired a Polish demolition crew to demolish a small building located next to the 18th French chateau. He returned to find a pile of rubble where the Chateau used to stand and officials from the town of Yvrac, a town northeast of Bordeaux, France in an uproar.

The Mayor of the Yvrac has called for an investigation and everyone seems to be in disbelief that a “mistake” of this magnitude could occur. The question for us in the construction industry is whether or not something of this nature could occur on our jobsite. We always try to anticipate the risks involved with project and insure around those risks to the extent that such coverage makes economic sense. However, there are just some risks which are impossible to foresee. This may be one of those cases.