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Changing laws keep Missouri business on its toes

Psychologist William Frederick Book wrote a person should learn to adjust to the conditions they have to endure, but also try to prepare for and control those conditions so that they are as favorable as possible. The same is true in business. The legal landscape for businesses in Missouri is constantly changing, and most of those changes are beyond a company’s control. Businesses can, however, adapt to the realities of that landscape by making relatively small changes in the way they plan for and respond to contingencies. In the last year, there have been a number of court rulings that could affect Missouri businesses.

In 2005, the Missouri legislature put into effect a cap on punitive damages, which essentially punish a defendant for bad behavior. That legislation limited the amount of punitive damages recovered.

In September, however, the Missouri Supreme Court struck down the cap on punitive damages as violating the Missouri Constitution.

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