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Rick Kron is a local government attorney who helps residents, landowners and developers organize, manage, and finance special districts, business improvement districts, and intergovernmental authorities, so they can build maintain and operate public facilities, programs, and services.

To share his extensive knowledge and experience in this area, Rick wrote “The Amazing Colorado BID (Business Improvement District) Board Member Manual,” which was released on the Downtown Colorado, Inc. website in mid-June 2015.

Highlights of Rick Kron’s experience include:

  • Helped the business owners and residents of Denver’s RiNo neighborhood organize the RiNo Business Improvement District and RiNo Denver General Improvement District. Worked with community activists, their prime consultant, the city staff, and Denver City Council to create and pass the organizational ordinances. Spencer Fane administered their November TABOR elections. Rick is assisting with the start-up of the districts and their long-term operations, financing and contracting.
  • Assists the Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWWA) as general counsel on a wide range of administrative, contractual, real estate, litigation and intergovernmental matters to assist in its provision of services to its rate payers and community.
  • Guides special districts, as general counsel, as they navigate the murky waters of Colorado election law, the TABOR amendment, and statutes to complete the authorization for, issuance of, and refunding of bonds and other forms of financial obligations to obtain funds for capital improvements and ongoing costs.

Publications and Presentations

  • The New Local Government Election Code: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread, 43 Colo. Law. 9, 39 (Sept. 2014)
  • Special Districts, Improvement Districts, Intergovernmental Authorities, and Public Improvement Corporations, Chapter 9 of D. Elliot, ed., Colorado Land Planning and Development Law, 8th ed., Bradford Publishing Company, Denver (2009) and prior editions. (The 1992 edition of the publication as a whole won the 1993 Karen B. Smith Chapter Achievement Award for Specific Chapter Project, a National Planning Award from the American Planning Association).
  • Choice of Entity: Using Limited Purpose Local Governments to Solve Problems, 38 Colo. Law. 10, 59 (Oct. 2009)
  • Florida Fallout and Other Colorado Election Law Amendments of 2002, 31 Colo. Law 8, 63 (Aug. 2002)
  • Pssst–There Is a New Election Code, Author, 22 Colo. Law. 1703 (Aug. 1993)
  • Hey, They Revised the Election Code Again, Author, 23 Colo. Law. 1821 (Aug. 1994)
  • Yes, Even More Election Code Revisions, Author, 24 Colo. Law. 1803 (Aug. 1995)
  • Fill In the Blank– More ____ Election Code Revisions, Author, 25 Colo. Law. 93 (Aug. 1996)
  • What A Surprise–Still More Election Code Revisions, Author, 26 Colo. Law. 77 (Aug. 1997)
  • Fair Campaign Practices Act–Killing Trees for Good Local Government, Co-Author, 26 Colo. Law. 101 (Sept. 1997)
  • Implementing local energy programs: Potential solutions to management problems, Norman F Kron (Argonne National Laboratory – 1983)
  • Development regulation changes local elected leaders can make to promote energy conservation, Norman F Kron (Argonne National Laboratory – 1980)
  • Emission density zoning guidebook: A technical guide to maintaining air quality standards through land-use-based emission limits, Co-Author (Argonne National Laboratory –1978)


  • Colorado Bar Association
  • U.S. District Court, District of Colorado
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • American Planning Association
  • Lorman Education Services – Distinguished Faculty

Contact Rick Kron at 303.839.3704 or rkron@spencerfane.com.