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Diane Minear develops and implements systems designed to reduce risk and mitigate compliance issues in a manner that allows health care clients to maintain continuity while focusing on quality patient care.

Leaning on 15 years of broad government experience, Diane brings a unique perspective to her private practice that includes general health care matters, compliance, contracts and administrative and insurance law. With a deep understanding of federal and state laws that impact health care providers, Diane helps her clients remain compliant, even amid ever-changing legislation, and government guidance.

Diane spent more than five years as general counsel at the Kansas Insurance Department, where she counseled clients on legal matters involving insurance, regulations and associated regulatory actions, legislation, district court cases, and changes in federal state laws. She also promoted compliance actions through advising management on pending issues in order to comport with government regulations.

Prior to joining the Kansas Insurance Department, Diane served as secretary of the Kansas Senate, assistant attorney general with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, and deputy assistant secretary of state legal counsel for the Kansas Secretary of State.

Contact Diane Minear at 913.327.5176 or dminear@spencerfane.com.