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The CAFC vs. Texas: Mandamus and the Battle Over Venue

June 23, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Erick Robinson discussed the current state of patent law related to venue, transfer, and mandamus during IPWatchdog’s Patent Litigation Masters 2022 event on May 23.

During the session, “The CAFC vs. Texas: Mandamus and the Battle Over Venue,” Erick and his fellow panelists dissected Federal Circuit decisions for best practices on how to win and how to oppose motions to transfer at the district court level. They also debated if the Federal Circuit is appropriately applying mandamus standards and whether the law relating to transfer simply has no relevance in a post-pandemic video-conferencing world where business, including trials, are often conducted remotely.

Based in Texas, Erick is a partner and co-chair of the Intellectual Property practice at Spencer Fane. He manages and tries “bet-the-business” patent cases on both sides of the docket.