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Roger Denny Interviewed by USA Today on Excise Tax for Coaches’ Salaries

February 5, 2019

Spencer Fane attorney Roger Denny was recently interviewed for an article in USA Today explaining new guidance from the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service that could allow universities to avoid the excise tax on highly paid coaches.

Titled, “Some of NCAA’s top-paying schools could escape excise tax aimed at coaches’ compensation” the article outlines how this new guidance may affect university sports.

“There’s a trickle-down effect to that: You have a difference of $500,000 here, $1 million there (in the cost of paying a coach and the excise tax) and that can be the difference in being able to go after the best coordinator in the game or hiring a football staff full of analysts as some schools have done, or installing a camera system in your gym to help the basketball teams with video study, or putting WiFi in your stadium,” Roger explained.

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