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John Browning Summarizes Humorous ‘Crimes That Definitely Didn’t Pay’ for

February 23, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney John Browning gave a summary of “crimes that definitely didn’t pay” in his latest humor column.

In his article, Notes From the Department of Bad Ideas, John provided colorful commentary on a slew of strange crime stories that have occurred this winter season. An attempted theft during a police toy drive, a criminal who confessed via rap videos, and a thief who tried hiding from police in a giant teddy bear were among the news items covered.

“In the aftermath of virtually any plan gone horribly awry, it’s not unusual to hear the person responsible for the ill-advised decision to mutter in his or her own defense, ‘but it seemed like a good idea at the time,’” John said. “yet, as [these] examples from the legal system regularly remind us, those were rarely good ideas — at any time.”

At Spencer Fane, John views his role as a trial lawyer to be that of a problem-solver for his clients. Whether it’s analyzing a case’s potential for early resolution through a dispositive motion, working with a client to develop a defensive trial strategy, or putting his extensive writing and media experience to use in helping a client protect its brand in the public eye, John brings a pragmatic, problem-solving approach. John is also a former Justice on the Fifth Court of Appeals.

Read John’s full article here, and learn about his Thanksgiving humor column here. Please note, a subscription may be required.