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John Browning Shares Why He’s Thankful for the Weirdness with

December 30, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney John Browning provided humorous commentary on some of 2022’s strangest legal battles and news stories in a recent article published by

In the article, Thankful for the Weirdness, John summarized a variety of bizarre, law-focused news stories. His colorful remarks covered everything from parents suing their son for not providing a grandchild to prisoners of war being forced to listen to ABBA and Cher on repeat.

“Sure, I’m thankful for the same things most people are — good health for me and my loved ones, a fulfilling career, and so on,” he said. “But I’m also grateful for the never-ending parade of weirdness in the legal system, which translates to an endless supply of fodder for this column.”

At Spencer Fane, John views his role as a trial lawyer to be that of a problem-solver for his clients. Whether it’s analyzing a case’s potential for early resolution through a dispositive motion, working with a client to develop a defensive trial strategy, or putting his extensive writing and media experience to use in helping a client protect its brand in the public eye, John brings a pragmatic, problem-solving approach. John is also a former Justice on the Fifth Court of Appeals.

Read John’s full article here. Please note, a subscription may be required.