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John Browning Research Featured in LA Daily Journal

October 28, 2021

Spencer Fane attorney John Browning was recently featured in a Daily Journal article, where he was interviewed about his research on counseling and jurors.

The article discusses court-provided counseling for jurors that have engaged in trial cases involving graphic images and video evidence. The Daily Journal referenced John’s past article, “When the Trial Isn’t Over – Counseling Services for Jurors,” to explain how most courts do not offer jurors counseling and reasons to support it. John gave the Daily Journal insight into this topic, noting that courts need to address the potential mental trauma jurors might face post-trial and a process to offer counseling services.

“Courts in U.S. jurisdictions have been relatively slow to recognize the need for counseling, and the potential for PTSD-like symptoms experienced by jurors because of the trauma caused by what they’ve sat through, listened to, and in many cases over periods of many weeks,” John explained to the Daily Journal.

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