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John Browning Reminds Us of Funny Side to Law in Texas Lawyer

August 8, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney John Browning recently outlined a few of the latest humorous incidents in the legal profession in his latest legal column published in the Texas Lawyer.

In the article, Now That’s Entertainment!, John shares funny tidbits including everything from a new statute in New Jersey inspired by an episode of “Seinfeld” to a warning from the Georgia DMV that forbids nude photos in the state’s new digital licenses.

John cites specific stories – a pun included in a written opinion (“the shelf life of the complaint has long since expired” in a food label case); the unexpected background behind a workplace sexual misconduct case (an email including the initials “xx” being misconstrued for “kiss kiss”); and even a chatbot that goes off script (the National Eating Disorders Association’s AI chatbot accidentally urging users to “try to lose weight.”).

“Every now and then, I’m genuinely entertained by what I read about in legal news media – almost as if the real-life headlines were in fact being written by the folks behind The Onion or the Babylon Bee,” John wrote. “Can you learn something about the law while a smile creeps across your face? Of course you can.”

At Spencer Fane, John – a former justice on the Fifth Court of Appeals – views his role as a trial lawyer to be that of a problem-solver for his clients. Whether it’s analyzing a case’s potential for early resolution through a dispositive motion, working with a client to develop a defensive trial strategy, or putting his extensive writing and media experience to use in helping a client protect its brand in the public eye, John brings a pragmatic, problem-solving approach.

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