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John Browning Quoted on Attorney-Client Privilege in Bloomberg Law Article

August 11, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney John Browning commented on a recent court-ordered requirement for a law firm to share hacked customer names with the Securities and Exchange Commission and its impact on attorney-client privilege in a recent Bloomberg Law article, Covington SEC Hack Order Opens Attorney-Client Privilege Crack.

In a discussion with Bloomberg Law reporter Justin Wise, John noted the uneasiness of the legal community in the wake of the firm being required to disclose the identities of seven public-company clients to the SEC as part of an investigation into a 2020 cyberattack.“Even in its narrowed form, Mehta’s order represents ‘a door’ that law firms ‘don’t want opened,’” John comments in the article. “We’re opening the door a crack and that might lead it to being widened later on.”

At Spencer Fane, John – a former justice on the Fifth Court of Appeals – views his role as a trial lawyer to be that of a problem-solver for his clients. Whether it’s analyzing a case’s potential for early resolution through a dispositive motion, working with a client to develop a defensive trial strategy, or putting his extensive writing and media experience to use in helping a client protect its brand in the public eye, John brings a pragmatic, problem-solving approach.

Read John’s full interview here.