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John Browning Provides Lighthearted Updates on Weird Legal News

April 17, 2020

In April, Spencer Fane attorney John Browning published three humor articles on bizarre and amusing legal news from the last few months. John has written numerous humor legal columns in the past, but acknowledges that we need a bit of comedy now more than ever.

As a break from the constant stream of serious news revolving around the global pandemic, John focused all three articles on “weirdness in the legal system.” To read the full articles, please click the headlines below.

Crime May Not Pay But It Can Make Us LaughTexas Bar Journal

“Crime is a serious matter but that doesn’t mean that the fumbling misadventures and mishaps of some would-be criminals can’t provide us with some amusement.”

And Now for Something Completely Different…Texas Lawyer*

“Now, more than ever, we need a little humor. Fortunately, there’s enough weirdness in the legal system to provide plenty of material.”

Reality Checks in the Age of PandemicTexas Lawyer*

“A federal district judge in Illinois issues a blunt rebuke to a plaintiffs lawyer seeking a TRO to halt sales of knockoff unicorn and dragon art.”

*Please note, you may need a subscription to access the full article.