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John Browning Explains Ethics for Lawyers Dealing with Negative Online Reviews

May 26, 2020

Spencer Fane attorney John Browning was recently interviewed for multiple articles in explaining the ethics attorneys are compelled to follow when responding to reviews on social media.

Titled “Lawyers Itch to Fight Online Flaming With Ethics Rules Saying No,” the Bloomberg Law article outlines the options lawyers may have to respond to complaints on social media and pitfalls they should avoid.

“A responsible attorney might post a responsive, empathetic reply to the poster, explain the ethical limitations, and invite that person to have an offline conversation,” John explained.

John was also quoted in an article for Texas Lawyer explaining the issues surrounding a judge’s Facebook posts that specifically called out winning attorneys.

“If you are the lawyer on the losing end you have to feel especially bad,” John explained. “Not only did you not get a result you were hoping for, but now you have the judge applauding your opponent.”