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Four Spencer Fane Attorneys to Present at MECC Conference

April 23, 2019

Spencer Fane attorneys Andrew Brought, Jessica Merrigan, Jim Price, and Baerbel Schiller will be presenting at the Midwest Environmental Compliance Conference (MECC) in Kansas City.

On April 23, Jessica Merrigan and Baerbel Schiller will be presenting “The Five Million Dollar Comma Mistake.” This panel will discuss the importance of clarity in environmental engineering and technical work plans and related investigation/remediation work plans, and the importance of environmental consultants and environmental lawyers working together to avoid pitfalls in technical communications.

On April 24, Andrew Brought will be moderating the panel “Environmental Civil and Criminal Enforcement in EPA Region 7,” with EPA Regional Counsel David Cozad and a Special Agent from the EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division.  The discussion will focus on current policies on environmental civil and criminal enforcement in Region 7 EPA and address the current status of EPA’s Compliance Initiatives, Audit Policy, among other notable enforcement topics. Access the presentation slides here.

Also on April 24, Jim Price will be moderating the panel “Emerging Contaminants and Sustainable Remediation.”  The discussion will focus on emerging contaminants of concern (e.g., PFAS and 1,4-dioxane) along with other more familiar chemicals (e.g., PCBs and TCE) as Missouri DNR and EPA re-evaluate risks.  The panel will also evaluate specific metrics that can be used to improve decision-making at contaminated sites as part of a broader evaluation of sustainable remediation. Speakers will include Ed Galbraith, MDNR’s Director of the Division of Environmental Quality.

To learn more about MECC, please click here.