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Erick Robinson Shares Insight on Third-Party Funding Disclosure Requirements with IAM

December 5, 2022

Spencer Fane partner Erick Robinson recently spoke with IAM reporter William New about the current debate over potential disclosure requirements for funding of U.S. patent litigation.

In the article, Soaring US Patent Litigation Funding Triggers Intense Disclosure Debate, Erick shared that the funders he works with have no problem with being identified to the court, but outlines why proposing rules suggested by academics and Big Tech is problematic.

“I doubt many funders would object. But, hauling them into court is overkill, is wasteful, and is simply meant to intimidate,” Erick said. “That a funder is behind a patent case shows that sophisticated parties believe in the strength of the patents and the infringement.”

Based in Texas, Erick is a partner and co-chair of the Intellectual Property practice at Spencer Fane. He manages and tries “bet-the-business” patent cases on both sides of the docket.

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