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Diane Minear Talks Kansas Proposed Sheriff Amendment with KCUR

November 8, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Diane Minear recently spoke on a proposed amendment to the state constitution on the ballot in Kansas this fall may make it harder to remove a sheriff from office with radio station KCUR.

On the November 8 Kansas ballot, a “yes” vote means a sheriff can only be removed by the state’s attorney general or a local recall election. A “no” vote would continue to allow local prosecutors to conduct removal procedures and allow county officials to turn an elected sheriff position into an appointed job.

In the conversation, Diane opined that approving the amendment would mean less local oversight of sheriffs.

Diane said, “Because then it’s going to be up to the attorney general to expel a bad actor. Supporters of the amendment say local residents should be able to elect their sheriff and they have oversight through the ballot box.”

At Spencer Fane, Diane develops and implements systems designed to reduce risk and mitigate compliance issues in a manner that allows health care clients to maintain continuity while focusing on quality patient care. Leaning on 15 years of broad government experience, Diane brings a unique perspective to her private practice that includes general health care matters, compliance, contracts, and administrative and insurance law.

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