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Denise Delcore Explains Impact of Missouri’s Legalization of Medical Marijuana on Workplace Policies

January 22, 2019

Spencer Fane attorney Denise Delcore was recently interviewed by the St. Joseph News-Press regarding human resource issues surrounding Missouri’s new medical marijuana legislation.

Titled “What does medical marijuana mean in the workplace?” the article outlines how the recent legislation could impact workplace policies.

“The law itself still prohibits any kind of impairment even from medicinal marijuana where you’re operating dangerous equipment or machinery, where you’re driving, where you’re flying an airplane or things such as that,” Denise explained. “Where the change is really going to occur is that you may have more people in the state of Missouri under the influence of marijuana. We’ve seen this in other states where all of a sudden there’s been tests under the DOT, huge failure rates all of a sudden in that workforce where there weren’t before.”

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