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Carly Duvall Featured as Wonder Woman in Business

July 6, 2020

Spencer Fane attorney Carly Duvall was recently interviewed for the Freeman Means Business “Wonder Woman in Business” Podcast.

As the featured “Wonder Woman,” Carly discussed her path to Spencer Fane, current practice, and community involvement.

In the interview, Carly explained her motivation for finding balance in her career, “The biggest challenge I’ve had is having my daughter and practicing law.”

Once having her daughter, Carly was determined to find a path that could allow her to continue her successful career but also allow for more flexibility. “I came back from maternity leave – back into that world and for me it was wholly incompatible with the type of mother I going to be…I just firmly believed there was a better way … that  I could still practice law and be a wonderful mother,” Carly explained, touching on her reasoning for moving firms. “I got to Spencer Fane which is a wonderful firm and a supportive environment full of all parents, of all stages of their parenting life and are incredibly supportive of where you are in yours.”

Currently, Carly’s practice focuses on investigations and counseling clients to help them reach their goals, while also balancing her life. “It was a challenge, and it’s one I’m still working through every day,” Carly said.

To listen to the full podcast, please click here.