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Homayoon Rafatijo Elected to National PKU Alliance Board of Directors

Spencer Fane attorney Homayoon Rafatijo was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the National PKU Alliance (NPKUA).

The NPKUA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of families and individuals associated with PKU, a rare inherited genetic disorder that affects protein metabolism. PKU currently has no cure, and affected individuals must maintain very strict, low-protein diets throughout their entire lives. Without dietary intervention, PKU can lead to cognitive disability.

The NPKUA accomplishes its mission through research, support, education, and advocacy, while ultimately seeking a cure for the disorder. Learn more about the NPKUA’s work here. As the father of a child with PKU, Homayoon is especially committed to utilizing his knowledge, experience, and network to increase awareness about PKU and advocate for improving life quality for PKU children around the nation.

At Spencer Fane, Homayoon utilizes his scientific background, technical knowledge, and legal acumen to identify the protectable scope of a client’s intellectual property portfolio and represent them in their most complex intellectual property disputes.