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Giving Back Through Motion for Kids

Giving back to the community is something that energizes Kate Whitby. Her enthusiasm is evident as she talks about her role as Spencer Fane’s coordinator for the annual Motion for Kids program.

Now in its eighteenth year, Motion for Kids is an annual holiday celebration for children who have one or more parents affected by the criminal justice system. Motion for Kids, originally called Project Angel Tree, is a joint effort between the St. Louis Bar Foundation, the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, the St. Louis Rams Football Club, the St. Louis Rams Foundation, and other organizations, as well as hundreds of individuals volunteering their time and making financial contributions. The program has grown substantially over the years and now over 4,000 children benefit from the annual event.

Kate, an environmental attorney in Spencer Fane’s St. Louis office is hooked. Each year she serves as her office’s liaison and watch as the program has flourished. Kate’s involvement is chronicled in the January 2014 issue of the St. Louis Lawyer, the monthly publication of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis.

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