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Consequential Damages

Insurance Benefits – Unreasonable Delay and Denial. Supreme Court of Colorado Decides Three Cases Against Insurance Companies.

In a trio of case opinions issued on May 29, 2018, – all written by Chief Justice Nancy Rice who will retire in June – the Colorado Supreme Court ruled against the arguments of insurance companies. 

Manufacturer’s Corner: The Interplay Between Limited Remedies and Damages Limitations

I previously have urged you to limit the remedies available under your express warranty (e.g. to repair or replacement), and to disclaim liability for incidental and consequential damages.  Here, we’ll discuss a common argument made by people who want to render your efforts meaningless.

Manufacturer’s Corner: Implied Warranties, Part 6

We bring our series on implied warranties to a close with a discussion about the consequences of breaching an implied warranty. The general rule is that the damages for breach of warranty are the difference in value of the goods as delivered and the value of the goods as promised. But, that simplistic statement glosses over many important issues that you need to consider in evaluating how to price your product.

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