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Employee’s Entitlements With Respect to Voting in Colorado

Jamie Cotter writes about the relevant Colorado statutes governing employee’s entitlements with respect to voting.

EEOC: Overly Broad Use of Criminal Background Checks May Violate Law

Employers increasingly are conducting criminal background checks on applicants and employees. Frank Neuner weighs in on this issue and how the EEOC is addressing.

Top Tips: Performance Review

Performance reviews are critical for maintaining a workplace of engaged, productive, effective employees.

Employer Not Liable for Retaliatory Discharge Under Kansas Wage Payment Act

This article discusses a recent Kansas Court of Appeals case holding an employer cannot be liable for retaliatory discharge for firing an employee to avoid paying commissions owed under the Kansas Wage Payment Act.

Top Tips: Core HR Policies All Employers Should Have in Writing

Sue Willman identifies 10 “core” HR policies that all employers should to have in writing.

Watch Your Mouth: Creating Oral Employment Contracts in Colorado

Phil Quatrochi discusses an important issue for Colorado employers. While many employers believe that any contract for employment must be in writing, employment contracts in Colorado can be created orally. Colorado employers, therefore, need to be aware of the types of casual or careless comments to an employee that may create an employment contract where none was intended.

Top Tips: What to do When Litigation Happens

Doug Weems discusses what to do when litigation happens. Although litigation risks can be minimized, litigation is a fact of life in the United States.  Here are some suggested steps to take if you or your company is sued.

Employer’s Honest Belief Governed Decision to Fire says Court

This article discusses a recent 8th Circuit case in which the Court rejected an ADA / FMLA lawsuit filed by an employee who was fired because the employer reasonably believed that the employee was refusing mandatory work to go to a casino to gamble.

Big Changes Ahead for OSHA’s HazCom Standard

Andrew Brought discusses an update on OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom), 29 CFR 1910.1200,and its significant facelift. By OSHA’s own estimate, over 5 million workplaces across the country will be affected by the revised regulations.

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