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Restrictive Covenants

Missouri Court of Appeals Confirms Non-Compete Enforceable if Given After Employment Starts

This article discusses a new Missouri Court of Appeals ruling which addresses the enforceability of a non-compete signed after employment started.  The Court declared the non-compete enforceable.

8th Circuit Affirms Verdict Requiring Employee to Return $735,000 Severance Payment After She Disclosed Confidential Information

If you thought there was nothing an employer could really do when a departed employee discloses the employer’s confidential information, think again. Last week, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a jury verdict requiring a former vice president of marketing to pay Hallmark $735,000 – the entire payment the company had given her under a severance agreement – after she disclosed confidential information to a competitor

Missouri Court Reminds Employers to Get Non-Competes

The Missouri Court of Appeals yesterday issued a ruling which found that in most cases, customer contacts do not qualify as trade secrets.

Missouri Supreme Court Upholds Non-Compete But Strikes Provisions Related to Clients

This article discusses a new case in which the Missouri Supreme Court has once again upheld the right of employers to have post-employment restrictive covenants. However, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that a restriction which bars competition with all clients, regardless of the employee’s involvement invites scrutiny and will possibly be struck down.

Top Tips: Reviewing Non-Compete Agreements

Reviewing an employment agreement can be daunting. These Top Tips should help employers in their initial reviews.

Top Tips for Reviewing Restrictive Agreements

Reviewing an employment agreement can be daunting.  These top tips should help employers in its initial review.

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