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Blake Atkinson protects inventors, artists, and other content creators by safeguarding their intellectual property.  From patent drafting and trademark registration to copyright litigation defense and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board oppositions, Blake is experienced in all areas of intellectual property law. Across trade secret disputes, Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) actions, and other IP matters, Blake creates custom-tailored solutions for clients that combine the best possible protection with innovation and creativity.

Highlights of Blake’s practice include:

  • Drafting dozens of successful patent and trademark applications
  • Defending a client from allegations of copyright and trademark infringement based on the use of an online photo
  • Opposing the confusingly similar trademark applications of clients’ competitors before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Disputing bad-faith internet domains via UDRP actions

Presentations and Publications

  • Evolving Uniformity in IP Law—A Prediction for Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark International  Inc., IP Litigator (Volume 23, No. 3), May/June 2017
  • Copyright Protection for Architectural Works and the Effect on Infringement Claims, IP Litigator (Volume 22, No. 2), March/April 2016
  • Patents Without Teeth: Whole Genome Sequencing and Gene Patent Infringement after AMP v. Myriad, Jurimetrics Law Journal (54 JURIMETRICS 1), Fall 2013
  • Big Issues for Small Stuff: Nanotechnology Regulation and Risk Management, Jurimetrics Law Journal (52 JURIMETRICS 3), Spring 2012

Contact Blake Atkinson at 602.333.5452 or batkinson@spencerfane.com.