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Roger Denny and Bob Lattinville Publish D1 Football Assistant Coach Salary Database in USA Today

Spencer Fane LLP attorneys Roger Denny and Bob Lattinville were recently published in USA Today as instrumental contributors to the publication’s annual release of top collegiate assistant football coach salaries across all Division I conferences. USA Today collaborates with the Spencer Fane sports practice duo to prepare the compensation survey, which you can read here.

Each year, Roger and Bob update and refine an independent database of coaching and athletic executive compensation, overlaying the data with both historic and current performance metrics, as well as the athletic department’s financial indicators. They collaborate with USA Today to publish the data, which is easily sorted by school, conference, coach name alphabetically, base pay, assistant coach total pay (both individual and per school), and maximum bonus.

Roger Denny and Bob Lattinville are trusted by athletic directors, athletic departments and coaches throughout the sports industry, providing trusted guidance in successfully navigating complex business, legal and regulatory issues associated with crucial hiring decisions. They focus on helping accurately evaluate a coach’s true impact on an athletic program, providing the intel and analysis needed to make the most prudent decisions possible.